In a dream I watched a world crumble away into a fathomless past
it wasn’t ours but someone else’s and still I cried to think of
all those suffering losses of their loved ones
I saw a beggar lady today hobbling from
one garbage can to the next
consolidating coffee into
a cup with drips
from all the
of discarded
ones in the trash
outside Star Bucks,
while the local homeless
man was inside pretending to
have bought coffee while filling
his cup with the sugar and cream
left out for paying clients to condition
their drinks with in the richest nation in
the world they say but that depends on how
we define riches doesn’t it; I wondered if these
two were someone’s parents or grandparents knowing
they were someone’s children once; sharing the same space
as everyone else but in a different realm unregistered to vote
or pay tribute to the IRS or serve in the armed forces; just off the
radar and who knows that one isn’t the Angel Mica, the other Jesus Lord…

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