December 21st

It is the winter solstice, the longest night, the moon half
eaten like a bite has been taken out of it by some
giant nocturnal bird of prey; it is a night of
feasting since time immemorial to dispel
the gloom of winter with its chilling
if destiny would come knocking
on my door I would go with
her willingly to some
warmer part of this
world that never
feels the sting
of frost and
ice that
our fingers
and toes bitten
and blue for the rest
of our lives they hurt anytime
we are near the open flames of
a hearth meant to comfort us the Lares
and penates who guard our homes since the
days of Rome whom we have all but forgotten
guard us still and if you will only stop and listen
to your heart you know it is true fair Hestia awaits

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