Ode to Aspergers

My son the Aspergers king, he eats dessert first and protein last
he takes the reward first and leaves the work until last until
there is not enough time left for any mortal to complete
it, imagine trying to learn biochemistry in two hours
and the stress which takes the rest of us all down
in his world arouses him to a functional state
but it’s a delicate balance because too
much stress and the whole system
shuts down, the meltdown and
yet too his credit he has
passed courses
in subjects
far beyond
my intellectual
capacity, it took twice
as long as most people
but the bottom line is he did it
Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Physics
and evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics
and I will wager any of you that one day he will
invent things no straight A student with unimpaired
executive function and a master of time management
could ever, would ever, dream of and so thanks to ADHD
and Aspergers we have E=MC squared and all the algorithms
for all the computer gadgets and smart phones that we live with
for better or for worse until death do us part with six month obsolescence

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