Hector said pity the nation that needs a hero

Like a ship run aground crashed upon the rocks
having headed in the wrong direction for far
too long, turn your life around before
it is too late my brothers and
sisters and children of war
let us fight for a worthy
cause like one another
and not to line the
bellies of the
with money
earned off our
dead soldiers make
sure, beware, make sure
you know who you are really
fighting for before you are taken
in by the waving flags and slogans
and promises of martyrdom or medals
of honor for there is nothing honorable
about defending the richest and most powerful
and corrupt tyrants and tycoons in this material
world, don’t swallow the lies they feed you about
making a difference, it’s the same war, it’s the same
lies regardless of what century you are in or were or will
be; there is no glory when you are buried in a mass grave
where only maggots thrive until your bones are picked clean
and your hungry ghost soul wanders the empty and forgotten
battle fields, let your Aztec generals fight their own duels and
meet their maker with surprise to find there is no god of war

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