Only Child

Under the desert flows a river no one knows is there
I swam in it in total darkness in my dream; it
made no difference whether the night was
mooned or moonless for far beneath
the earth only phosphorus glows
and like a Vestal Virgin my
fish belly white skin
doesn’t burn
in dark
all creatures
of this earth are born
I want to be the troll under
the bridge and watch the water
flow by and exact a toll from passersby
a highwayman by day and mystic priest by
night my followers are the dark clouds before
a storm; and never shall I want for more than mother
earth has given me to cherish and to hold like Atalatus
she is the source of my strength and Herakles is gone on
other quests to atone for his drunken sins, I buried his long
forgotten victims in the rich soil of Atticus long before I grew wings
the darkness calls me like a demon lover whispering incantations in my ear;
what does it mean? I couldn’t tell you but have no fear…the waves wash it
all away and where we stood now fields of marigolds in the breeze and no one left
to run and tell it all about when you are feeling hurt; your were an only child I know

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