Alone we come into this world alone we leave
I watched her sleep her way into oblivion
in the arms of sweet morphine not
Morpheus; I did not want to leave
but she already had; I half
expected to see her soul
arising and heading
for the light but
welcomed me
that night except
my loneliness, death
seems harder for those it
leaves behind than for those
it takes; but remembering nothing
of our times between lives I guess I’ll
never know; I could not shed a single tear
for none were left in my well of sadness by
the time she paid the boatman and they departed
leaving me surrounded by an indifferent world and
the responsibility of carrying the vessel of her life and
dreams and hopes and memories around with me in my soul
as life goes on and proud and arrogant youth take no notice of
the Glory that was Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome dear Edgar.

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