Into autumn the world turns and memories fade like falling leaves
I fear I have forgotten more than I ever knew and in the wind
the spirits of long dead friends are calling and people who
knew and loved me once whom I cannot recall for both
death and birth come in many forms and into earth
we shall return our toils for someone else’s field
we made so many sacrifices for those living
who have moved on and left us for dead
you were being a good Moslem she had
said; the winter is coming and into
sleep in the still white world we
shall descend like a
bear in its
the silence
the cold darkness
into the longest night
we somnambulate until
dawn’s first light of spring
like cupid’s arrow finds its mark
deep in my heart and everything begins
again, life is not for the faint of heart nor for
the bold whose vanity will strike them down and
leave them for the worms, be still and silent and absorb
the power of the Lord of the universe if you can recognize
Him when He comes knocking when there is no room at your inn

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