This morning in the falling rain we danced until the sun
came out and healed us in its light a long time
coming through time and space to us
92.96 million miles and yet it is
the closest star and any
closer would burn us
to a crisp and turn
all the plant life
it grew to dust
and so the
sun can
us from
a distance
and his lover
moon constantly
chasing him but never
catching him like unrequited
love, I feel her longing in the rise
and ebb of the tides like a heart racing
upon hearing his name but after the storm
in that halfway life between rain and shine is
born the many colored rainbow usually hidden
in white light and so do we all have our moment ever
to shine and discover the courage we never knew we had
to face the great unknown abyss and carry on without drowning
the burden of our consciousness in the cup or the opiate of the people

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