I am starting to feel like Vincent Price in the Fall of The House of Ushers;
I am surrounded by sound all day long and it culminates in a massive
headache in my frontal lobes; I think consumer society is afraid
of silence, afraid to think, afraid of burden of consciousness
finding yourself the end product of hundreds of millions
of years of evolution without the slightest idea of
why or who we are or where we came from or
where we are going; the answers are here
to be found in the silence; meditate
long enough and you can step
right into the “afterlife” all
around us, in us and
through us not
just when we
die like all
the other
lies men
and women
have told us who
claim to speak for God;
we pass day after day plugged
into ear buds listening to music
so as not to be here now, mind always
elsewhere, demanding instant stimulation
and gratification only to happily provided by
the corporate producers which we buy our way
into indebtedness for; this is no culture and no way
to heaven; silence is my friend, reminding me to listen
to the baby birds chirping for their mother in their nest and
all the lizards in the garden sun bathing in timelessness and
it gives me some comfort to know that some things never change
and are immune to the latest trends; in silence still your mind and
you will find the part of reality that you do not usually see or hear or
believe in and yet it is there, has been and always will be despite what
the priests and the scientists and all those with vested interest in ignorance
will claim to explain away or explain who owns your spirit; like that man
the Nazarine once said “know thyself” and fling the money lenders out
of the temple in your heart; take one small step for mankind outside
yourself and be surprised to learn what you really are a part of;
more like a Genie or a Gin, you are a multidimensional being

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