In free fall

Into the morning sun I fell like an imp from hell
squirming in the light of day; a million ill
invested motives exposed to the all
seeing eye of God like judgment
day come early; some of us
are psychologically
incapable of
me of all
has humbled me
and left me dangling
like a bait fish on the end
of a hook ready to be swallowed
by the shark of time and at best perhaps
four thousand years from now should any of us
be left what I can hope for is someone will read my
love poem at a sound and light show at the pyramids
of Giza like the young teenager girl daydreaming about
the boy she has a crush on wistfully, softly up from the desert
sands like a breeze at dusk as the sun goes down to leave the world
in Morpheus’s sweet arms so all of us mere mortals may have a chance
to dream of love and the way the world could be if there were no wrong

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