Goodbye Sorrow

Come let us leave the time for tears behind until even their dust
is blown away and forgotten; this is a summer for new
beginnings so let us hold hands and rejoice in our
friendship and skip down the wooded path
looking for blue berries and choke
cherries and the tastes of our
youth; the bees and the
butterflies are on the
wing and cotton
wood seeds
are afloat
in the
that scene
from Amarcord
and perhaps we have
found the simple key that
unlocks the rule against happiness
I have paid the price it took to drill out
that lock perhaps it took all my life until now
but it is time to shuffle on and leave our cares
under a bushel for the magic trolls and elves to transform
into gold while the dreams we were pursuing come at last to alight
and spend some time with us at out table chasing the wolf from our
door but giving him a bowl of dog food with a nod before we send him
on his way into the dark night from which he came and to which he
belongs for we are ready to forsake the moonlight for the light of
day Apollo show us the way across the sparking sky with
Hermes carrying our thank you note to your father not
far behind; again I am going Greek on you so we
dance Sirtaki Ho! Like drunken Kamakazis
so enjoy another mixed metaphor

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