In Nemo’s Wake

Into the shining waters we walked never to return
becoming mermen and mermaids growing
flukes and scales from the waist down
we never looked back nor did our
hearts skip a single beat to
forsake the sins of our
fathers on the land
the sea our last
frontier, this
time let’s
get it
a monument
of the garbage
pile at the bottom
of the ocean where
our ambitious forefathers
destroyed our lovely mother’s face
and all of Gaia’s weeping tears have
created this great lake which left unchecked
will drown all her children beneath its waves
so we the meek can inherit the earth and start
a new with a fresh slate hopefully having gained
a lesson or two along the way like Noah and his arc
so one day her streaming hair will be the rainbows and
no fumes of toxic smoke will blight her trees and drop the
birds from the air in flight and only bird songs will fill the sky
as it was in the beginning and will be ever after and a day of hope
healed by silence and solitude we will starve out our greed and breed
away the gene that makes us mean and always about me me me me me and me

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