In summer you dream of winter, in winter you dream of fall
in fall you dream of spring, in spring you dream of summer
one lover in the hand was not worth two in the bush;
I wish you well on your journey into hell; I won’t
be waiting at the entrance with Cerberus
for your return because I’ve already
turned into a pillar of salt
if you are looking for
beautiful words
like myriad
you will be
for the only taste
in my mouth is a bitterness
which makes lemons sweet by comparison
I long to flee into the windy night but like a kite
one leg is tethered or rather nailed to the ground
so I travel only in a circle like the blind folded camel
at the mill dreaming of the desert that I shall see no more
with you walking arm in arm like two wing clipped angels, gone all gone

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