In the main square of Platanos, Samos, Greece which is triangular
there are three ancient Plane trees, one in each corner
and a spring house with water so exceptional that
Aristotle himself gave it praise in ancient times
When evening came we sat at little tables
drinking ouzo and spearing slices of
cumcumbers, tomatoes, goat
cheese and basil while
neighbors danced
in the middle
to tunes
player and
then suddenly three
ancient men white hair
embroidered vests and black
baggy pants arose and ceremoniously
put down three shot glasses on the pavement
and danced round them until all faces were turned
and then bending only at the waist with hands behind
their backs they dipped down and took the shot glasses
in their teeth and downed the contents heads thrown back
without spilling a drop; look mom no hands while they watched
from heaven and all this for no reason just happy to be alive like
the calves in spring that click their back heels together in the air before
they grow to heavy for such antics and then by 3 AM all drunken we would
walk arm in arm father daughter father daughter down to the end of the village
singing our village folk songs until we reached the cliff to see the sea watching
the silver moon painting a path of light on the smooth green glass waves
2000 feet below half expecting to see Aphrodite rising on her scallop
shell come gliding down that ray of moonlight to greet us mere
mortals with her unrivaled beauty with cupid not far off

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