Coming to terms…

Quietly the rain fell without ceasing all through the night
until the creeks rose and overflowed their banks
she said praying to her crucifix had made
the flood recede and her home was
the only one spared along that
tract; I know not what to
believe but it seems
unimportant now
so long ago
was this
I have
wanted to leave
here for so long now
that like the boy crying
wolf no one believes me
any more so one day I shall
simply disappear into the wind
flying like dead leaves to the horizon
where the setting sun will leave me in
the darkness as did everyone else and used
to it by now I shan’t even make a sigh but just
carry on following my heart which knows the way
home better than any chart could tell us in the light of day
I will hide by day in clouds and travel by night until I’m found
where the spirits of all dead friends will greet me as in days of
old on the windward side of the island of all dreams and many mansions

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