Waiting For Trains

First came the cold wind and then the rain
and still I was met only by silence
when the train came in
others were met
with kisses and
and tears
of joy
I waited
and waited
for eternity or
so it seemed but
she did not come down
the steps; eventually the train
departed as did the crowd and
there I was standing on an empty
platform with only the chirping of baby
sparrows somewhere in the eaves complaining
of their hunger despite the best efforts of their mothers
my empty nest hangs heavily about my neck like the old
mariner’s albatros, perhaps a taste of how heavy was His
cross on Calvary; alone we come into this world and alone
we depart, only He could die for others but we must die alone
I kissed her forehead as I rose to leave her death bed listening
to her fitfull breaths and wondering if each would be her last
if everI felt abandoned it was then but how could I ask her
to stay any longer than she already had when her spirit
longed to rise and leave her crumbling body far behind
for the worms; the first love of our childhood was lost
somewhere along the path to growing up and never
came back leaving us lusting after memories
of what could never be again despite
the promises made before the alter
and the promises of spring and
morning dew, we had love
but it’s gone; I could go
tell it on the mountain
but then who would
listen perhaps only
a jealous Hera or
a jaded Zeus
would bar
the way for
me to Olympus
a row of those little
dust twisters proceeds
past me down the platform
on a malevolent winter breeze
like the invisible footsteps of an
incubus escorting her spirit by the
elbow into the next world indifferent
to my pain and the curtain drawn between
us for eternity perhaps or at least forever and a day
where does all that vital life force and energy and education
and accumulation of love and knowledge go evaporating into air

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