Not this not that

are we given hearts to love
only to be mortified with
pain when they are
the more attached
we are the greater the pain
upon seperation so the sage
teaches us to be detached and
not invest in that which is impermanent
but then what kind of a life is it to live without
passion and desire and even obsession, isn’t it boring
without emotion or even conflict, we are not parasites
living in the gut of a whale, we are exposed to the elements
in the front line of life, we catch the crashing waves and storms
and thunder and bare our feelings for others to plunder but at least we
are alive and not two dimensional profiles in paintings on a wall in some
old victorian house built upon repressed emotions if there is any one regret
I have so far in life it is to have not lived it with enough passion; they
say not to talk about sex, religion or politics at parties but I say what
else is there to talk about, the weather and sports get boring
I was never meant to be domesticated and
tamed like a broken horse and am
longing to gallop through the
high desert steppes around
Ulan Batur once Xanadu
where did I miss the
exit and end up in
Silicon Valley
so help me

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