Aquarius Aqua Vite

I never meant to be the king of pain

only by thinking of others can we escape
the yoke of self pity and the prison
of our ego making its endless
demands upon the universe
how boring to be so self
absorbed as if anyone
else should really
care and this is
our curse
wrapped in self
psychologically complex
like a cat that starts out licking
your hand and then bites it and
scratches you with the claws of her
hind legs on the way down from your lap
or stands in the doorway keeping you waiting
while she cannot make up her mind if she wants
to be in or out; cats and people share a smiliarity
that is scarey and we can never entirely trust eachother’s
feelings although to us our whimsical ever changing feelings
are somehow sacrosanct and not subject to questioning of motive
so there you have it, the good points are also the bad points of the
Berkeley mentality and there is absolutely nothing free about love and
how come the Age of Aquarius fizzled out, it came and went
in a yawn and no one even noticed its passing, what went
wrong and will I die before a spiritual age arrives…

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