Lost Soul

where did I leave my soul in the bushes along the roadside
in a dust bin, I can’t seem to find it anymore; did I
leave it on a coat hanger in the check room
of a public theatre; I know not where
to even begin to look but I like
to think it hovers around
in Tuscany where
I grew up
and one

when I am
in the right place
and time we will reunite
I’m missing the souls of all
my departed friends and know
how hard it is to make new friends
of a lifetime all over again; how wasted
are the hours and days of our lives spent
in loneliness when all around us are people in need
of companionship and intimacy and love; I tire of this
emptiness and boredom we call modern life; give me a
horse or a camel and ride me into the high desert never looking
back and a black tent I’ll trade for a five star resort in any tourist
destination on earth; perhaps my soul is wrapped up in a bed roll
in that tent if I just go on a walkabout perhaps the stars will guide
me there where my anima awaits me with her open arms and lips
and streaming waist length hair whipping about the whistling wind
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