Ozmantius Revisited

Down came the rain drumming on the roof
of the Haram in Topkapi, a gilded cage
with barred windows and I dreamt
I was a black eunach there
among the slave
of the
who offed
anyone who
got too close
to him and trusted
no one; who kept his
brothers illiterate, imprisoned
and sent them deaf mute prostitutes
while his wives vied for their sons to be
the next King; how absolute power corrupts
absolutely; 800 years it lasted; they ended Byzantium
with the help of an Italian engineer who made a cannon
that could blast through the 4 foot thick stone walls and
killed all the Greek men and women and Sultan adopted
their sons and made them into his crack troop Janissaries
who became more powerful than some of the later Sultans
and opposed the reforms of the Tulip King and ousted him;
as long as they were able to conquer other lands and keep the spoils
of war the system kept working as they left piles of skulls in Hungary
until finally they ran up against Tamerlane East and King John of Poland
West and routed left 60,000 camels and an ostrich behind in Vienna,
what a site that must have been and that is the story of Ozmantius;
the mighty rise and fall and so shall every empire given enough
time and we are no exception; I see the signs of decay already
around our edges unravelling for we can only live by lies
for so long before the truth burries us with light and
the sun purifies and kills the mold that has grown
upon all our countenances blinded by greed
and blind to the pain our policies
and bombs have so inflicted
on people we don’t see
and know nothing
about; the fisher
of man’s souls
will be having
a busy
when Gabriel’s trumpet blows us into
oblivion and begging for forgiveness
will be way too late my pretties
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